Doing the Live More Project can make you a better wife!

That’s what some Indian Samoan Husbands are saying about their wives. They are not Adventist and still practicing their native religions. However after their wives attended the Live More project from ELIA wellness, the change in their wives was remarkable. So much so they they told their wives that whatever you are doing, it making such a difference that we want you to keep going to that church. They arrived to greed Brett Townend to “our church” even though they are not yet Adventist. But they feel part of our movement. Their husbands have noticed that they are happier, have better attitudes, are making healthier meal choices, have more energy, (resulting in losing weight – added bonus) and this is making the husbands feel better to. Why not drop into the ELIA Wellness hall at the EXPO and start to feel the benefits for yourself too.

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