Canvas Chronicles

Edition 01
Big Camp News
Friday 13th  September


Just for being one of the first 500 to got to the Booth at Big Camp, you can receive some amazing free health packs from ELLIA WELLNESS

Pack 1 – Spiritual Health Pack Worth $95

  • the Empowered & Purposeful Living Program
  • plus a 1-year online subscription to ELIA FITNESS

Pack 2 – Happiness Health Pack Worth – $135

  • The Live More Project program
  • plus a 1-year online subscription to ELIA FITNESS

The Queensland Bush Stone-curlew

You may notice these guys just sitting on the ground as if they are dead. Please don’t try to take them away, most likely they are on their eggs and playing dead. They need to be protected and are part of the scenery around Big Camp. Please ensure your children do not approach or hurt these magnificent birds.

Wake up to PAIN

What could be better than waking up in pain every day? waking up! If you attend the 6:00AM Elia fitness sessions at the school, I can guarantee you will win Mr/Mrs Universe at the end of camp… well maybe not win, but you will be closer than if you didn’t go. And if you continue to use the brand new program throughout the year, you could win Mr/Mrs Big Camp next year! But please take a Before/After photo for next years newsletter.

Big Camp Evangelism

This year we are having an opportunity for anyone attending camp to practically spread the gospel. The LE’s have agreed to practically share their tips and skills, and some amazing experiences at camp. There will be a class taken on how to share your faith in very real and practical ways, followed by actually going out into Dakabin and sharing Jesus with the community. Imagine dozens of us all hitting the streets to tell about Jesus. What’s better than imagining it? Come and be part of it!

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