Giving up something – For Jesus

One of Naomi’s little joys in life is the 10c container reward for recycling them. She loves to collect the bottles over a few months, and then enjoy the serotonin rush of scanning each bottle, and watching that total increase. This gives her guilt free money to spend on bibles, gospel tracts or anything that takes her eye in the second hand shops. It means much more to her than it probably does to most people. So when she decided this year, to donate the bottles she had been collecting for a year to ADRA Logan and bring them to camp, this was no easy decision. She loves every part of recycling these bottles. But she also really cares about what ADRA does and that’s close to her heart too. So after researching what they do with the money their raise from this containers for change program here at Big Camp, she arranged for all these bottles to be brought from her house and donated to mission of ADRA logan. An amazing example of selflessness. And Giving what you really love to God. Way to go Naomi.

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