Youth Tent given Pick-up-Lines

It is fair to say that Youth is an age where dating is very important. Pastor Meshach enthusiastically shared the answers his youth gave when he asked for some of their best pickup lines last night. Lines like:

“you must be from Tennessee, because you are the only 10 I see” 

“Heaven must be missing an angel”

“Your feet must be tired, because you’ve been running though my mind all day.”

But then he told the youth that the best one he had been told was

“I walk up to them and say, can I pray with you?”

He then suggested the ladies should respond to a mans offer to date with a unusual location.

“If a man ask you for a date ladies, you should date him at Church, let me meet the whole family”

If BAE don’t pray,
don’t play,
push them out of the way.

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