IF you go to my church leader, and he says ok, I’ll buy the book.

John burton, a literature evangelist, trained by Kevin Geelan, was an LE in Tamworth. During his training he understood Kevin’s passion for Desire of Ages, and it became John’s passion too.  During one of these training sessions, they came to this home and presented the Desire of Ages to this lady, and she said, I would like that book, but I want you to go down the road, to a man who is a leader in my catholic church, and if he says it’s good, I’ll buy it.

So they go to this mans home, and find he’s not a priest but he is a leader.

He picked up the book in his hand, carried the Desire of Ages, and he said come with me. As they approached his study, he showed him the entire conflict of the ages series, minus one book, the acts of the apostles, he said he had lent it to somebody they hadn’t returned it but he wanted to complete the set again, so Kevin and John sold him an Acts of the Apostles.

So we went back to the ladies house, with the news that her church leader approved of the book, and she purchased the desire of ages. This however is not the end of the story, as later on we found out that she drove a taxi, and as she read the Desire of Ages, she became so excited that she told everyone in the taxi about the book, and then she would even give everyone john’s LE contact details. As a result of that lady sharing about the Desire of Ages, she was instrumental in selling 25 Desire of Ages books in that town.

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