Quotes from the Youth Tent

“I have known people who are more free in Jesus locked up in Jail for 15 years than we have when we are free.”

God is in the business of restoring people who are beyond self repair.

‘”We don’t need coping mechanisms, we need a cure. The cure is wholistic, so your being would respond with gladness, to what it would look like to walk in the light.”

“you know how I know Jesus changed me? A year into my ministry, I remember going to the petrol station to get some gass, I’m in my suit, I’m pulling up to this gas station, I’m putting in my petrol.  Mustang pulls up like there was a fire. I just glance over to see who it is, this gentleman jumps out and he look at me and says “What you looking at” and my heart stopped.  Because Before Christ me would have handled this a whole nother way.” His wife can’t believe her large 6.4 Samoan man did nothing, as that is not how he would have handled it before… instead he got in the car and as a family they prayed for this obnoxious man. As that man was behaving exactly how Pr Meshach would have been a few short years ago.

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