South Queenslanders Still Read Books

In 2023 so far the Literature Evangelists have sold 630 message books! However there is an initiative called Youth Rush. Where young people volunteer a year of their time to sell books door to door. when we add youth rush that figure jumps up to 1,422! Check the figures below.

LE Activities in 2023LE’sLE’s Plus Youth Rush
Free Literature1933 1933
Bible Talks250 250
Message Books6301422
Demos 517517

Notice the huge difference that young people make spreading he gospel! They spend a month sleeping in church halls, usually on inflatables in Sabbath school rooms, and fearlessly go out knocking on doors, not knowing who will open them, they might be friendly and buy some books, or they might be mean.

Some of the 2023 Youth Rush participants
Photo Credit David Gillespie

They do get to keep a percentage of what they sell too! See the LE tent to be part of the next one!

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