What’s with the Big Tent Set Design?

When asked to design and create a Jesus-centred stage for the Big Tent this year on the theme CONNECT, Pastor Annalise Cherry was inspired by the stunning historical stained-glass designs found in places of worship all over the world, each displaying a powerful visual message.

At the centre of the Big Tent stage design, you’ll notice subtle arrows on the back-lit Cross, suggesting 2 endless vertical and horizontal lines, respectively. These represent the vertical and horizontal relationships, or CONNECTion points, established in the Garden of Eden: the vertical when God created Adam (humanity and God), and the horizontal relationship between humans when God created Eve. These relationships were both fractured when sin entered the picture, revealed in the broken shards of glass you see hanging on the right and left of the stage, and indeed within the Cross’s stained-glass mosaic itself. We may be broken as individuals (and as local churches) however through Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice on the Cross we see unity and CONNECTion with God and each other once again — “But now in Jesus Christ you who once were afar off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.” (Eph 2:13) This sacrifice is highlighted in the colour red within the Cross, beside the blue (God’s character revealed in His law), purple (Jesus’ Kingship), pink (God’s unconditional love), and green (our growth as His disciples). The seven strands of lights above draw the eye to the Cross where we find our hope and salvation.

Pastor Cherry prays that this visual reminder will inspire deeper faith within all who come to worship.

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