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Annual Convention (Big Camp) 15 – 23 September 2023

Welcome to the Annual Convention web page for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South Queensland.

For your information, Seventh-day Adventist Church (South Queensland Conference) Limited (ABN 23 104 195 897) operates this convention for the benefit of members and friends of the church in South Queensland.

The Annual Convention is being held this year from 15th to 23rd September 2023 at our Watson Park Convention Centre, 337 Old Gympie Road, Kallangur, QLD.


As we embark on our second Big Camp since COVID-19, we appreciate everyone’s understanding that Camp may continue to look a little different from previous years as we move forward to consciously prioritise our members, visitors and staff’s safety.

Thank you for also noting that there has been a change to the Swimming Pool hours to continue to strengthen the safety of our children and visitors.

The new swimming pool hours are as follows:

Ages 0-17 : Sun – Thurs 1:00pm – 3:00pm, Friday 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Ages 15+ : Sun – Thurs 3:00pm – 5:00pm, Friday 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Thank you for your help in making Big Camp a safe environment for all to attend and fellowship together.

See you at Big Camp!

Camper Accommodation Applications are AVAILABLE ONLINE FROM 12TH OF JUNE 

We are accepting ONLINE accommodation applications ONLY for our Annual Convention (Big Camp). There will be NO manual paper applications accepted from regular campers.


If you have any enquires please contact the South Queensland Conference office on 07 3218 7777 or by using the dedicated enquiries email [email protected] .


Attendees Registration (ALL Day Visitors and Campers)

It’s Big Camp time again and we know that it will be a major spiritual highlight for the South Queensland Conference.Children and adults alike all look forward to the fun activities and opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. As our camp continues to grow we need to be ever vigilant toward our responsibilities to ensure all who attend are able to do so safely.

As an administrative team we are committed to doing all we can to safeguard every attendee during the Big Camp program. As a result we are working with AdSAFE, the Child and Vulnerable Person Protection Service for the Adventist Church, to implement protocols to assist with mitigating risks during Conference wide events.

It is our standard practice to require all Big Camp attendees to make application in advance, and this includes all day visitors.  Camper and day visitor registration is now required for each person seeking to enter the camp ground will need to be registered beforehand, including those assisting in roles as employees and volunteers on behalf of the conference as well as all residents seeking to stay at the site.


Big Camp presents an identified heightened risk with thousands of people that are involved in temporary accommodation, bathing and toileting facilities and we are committed to assuring that each person, young and old can do so in safety.

Thank you for noting this and making sure that if you are planning to attend Big Camp that you register your intention to attend as a resident camper or day visitor.

It’s going to be a great camp with inspiring messages and fun activities. We look forward to seeing you there.


NEW Attendees Registration link (ALL Day Visitors and Campers) (click here)

Big Tent Attendee favourite praise song survey 2023

Big Camp Acti-Passes 2023

Big Camp 2023 Accommodation Price List

Ensuite Unit $360 per person

Basic Unit $295 per person

Conference Tent $245 (tent provided)

Private Tent site $185 (supply own tent)

Caravan site $320 (supply own caravan)

Furniture Hire:

Single bed $15 each

Single mattress $13 each

Chair $10 each

Metal Crosspiece $10 each


Big Camp Map 2023


  1. ALCOHOL, DRUGS OR CIGARETTES:  Alcohol, cigarettes and illicit drugs ARE NOT PERMITTED on the grounds and consumption, possession, or use of these materials in any way, will constitute reason for removal of offenders from the grounds with out prejudice. This campground is a drug-free and smoke-free zone.
  2. CHILD SAFETY:  Parents are reminded that their responsibility for their children does not cease when they come to camp.  While every care is taken, and there are activities for children, camp is not a child-minding facility.  The conference does not take responsibility for the care of children during camp.  Their absolute safety cannot be guaranteed.   The ultimate responsibility for the care of children always remains with parents or guardians.  Please ensure that the conduct of your children and young people is adequately supervised throughout the camp period, and that your children are fully under your control between meetings.
  3. NORTHPINE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE:  Northpine Christian College and its environs are strictly out of bounds, except for those attending meetings or workshops.
  4. LAKE AREA:  The area around the dam at the back of the property, apart from the walking track, is out of bounds for campers.  We would ask that parents take the responsibility of advising their children to stay away from the area of open water, which could pose a danger to young campers.
  5. PRIVATE BUSINESS:  Camp is not to be used to further personal business activities. Campers are asked not to distribute, sell or canvass anything that has not been authorised by the SQC Conference administration or the camp superintendent.
  6. DRESS:  Dress should be appropriate for a public Christian convention.  Smart casual is appropriate for most occasions.
  7. MOBILE PHONES:  Out of courtesy for others and to save interrupting the meeting and causing a distraction, all mobile phones should be turned off during the meetings.  Please do not leave mobile phones unattended in public places for charging as the SQC Conference cannot be held responsible if they go missing.
  8. BALL GAMES:  All ball games are to be played on the oval.  Please do not throw anything at tents, caravans, buildings, people, plants etc.
  9. BICYCLES, SKATEBOARES AND OTHER MODES OF TRANSPORT:  Camp is pedestrian territory. For the safety of campers, no bicycles, motorbikes, mini-bikes, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, or other such modes of transport will be permitted to be ridden on the campground during camp.  THIS IS A SAFETY REQUIREMENT.
  10. ANIMALS:  In the interests of camp hygiene, no animals are permitted on the campground.  Your cooperation with this guideline is appreciated.
  11. ABUSE:  Verbal and physical abuse WILL NOT BE TOLERATED under any circumstances.
  12. GAS BOTTLES:  All gas bottles used by campers must be current and stamped.  Out of date bottles should not be brought on site as they pose a SAFETY RISK.
  13. ELECTRIC POWER CORDS:  Power cords used to connect a caravan to the electricity supply MUST be in a safe condition and tagged by a licensed electrician.
  14. SPEED LIMIT:  Within the campgrounds the speed limit is 10 km per hour.  This is essentially walking pace.  This limit will be strictly enforced.
  15. FURNITURE SHED:  SHED 1 will be open until 8.00pm Friday to collect pre-ordered mattresses and cross pieces. All other furniture you have requested will be placed in your tent or annex.
  16. GATES:  The Old Gympie Road entrance gates will be locked at 10 pm to provide further security.  Entrance to the grounds after 10 pm and before 6 am is through the front gate only.  If you need to leave before 6 am, you will need to make arrangements the night before with Security or Superintendents.  This can be done through the camp office.
  17. SECURITY:  Security will be maintained on the grounds 24 hours a day.  At night, patrols will give added security.  Even with the security officers in place, we cannot guarantee the safety of valuables left unattended in your tents.  Campers are advised not to leave valuables unsecured in their tents, vans or units.  While every care is taken, camp administration cannot be responsible for the loss of valuables from tents, caravans, units or cars. It is expected that campers will respect the security patrols and comply with their instructions.
  18. NOISE:  Camp does not officially start until Friday.  Construction, rehearsals and sound checks will occur in the days before camp.  Remember rehearsals without people in the venues means noise will travel further than when venues are full. Please be aware that if you are staying on site from Thursday it can be expected that there will be extra noise.
  19. CAMP CURFEW:  There is a camp curfew for all campers at 11.00pm.  This means that there will be a quiet down period form 10.00pm and all campers should be in their allocated accommodation site with lights off and no noise by 11.00pm.  If people are roaming the grounds after this time, they will be asked by security to return to their accommodation.  If they refuse to comply, it will be considered grounds for removal from the property.  Parents/Carers are expected to see that young people adhere to this rule.  REMEMBER tent walls are thin, so loud talking after 10.00pm is disturbing to neighbours.  Courtesy and respect for others requires your cooperation with the curfew.
  20. CAR PARKING:  ALL CARS must be parked in the car park.  No cars will be allowed to park permanently, or drive regularly, in the tent or caravan areas. THIS IS A SAFETY REQUIREMENT. Vehicles will only be allowed in accommodation areas to load and unload or, in the case of camp work vehicle, with specific permission from camp administration. On the last Sabbath of camp, NO access will be allowed to the camping areas until after the close of Sabbath. Security in the car parking areas will be maintained 24 hours a day.
  21. DISABLED PARKING:  Cars displaying Government issued Disabled Parking Permits will be allowed to park within the campground in the designated areas. However, if you do not require your vehicle for transport, please park in the main car park.
  22. COVID-19 SAFETY PLAN AND CONDITIONS:  I agree to adhere to the South Queensland Conference COVID-19 Safety Plans and Directions as may exist and be implemented during the Annual Convention Program. I further agree that should I or anyone else occupying my accommodation site during the Annual Convention at any time develop COVID-19 like symptoms, that I / we will immediately ensure that a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is undertaken (available from the Camp Office). Should that test or any other subsequent tests return a positive result, I agree that I and all others occupying my accommodation, will immediately NOTIFY the Camp Office/Camp Superintendent and LEAVE the Watson Park Convention Centre.


COVID-19 Protocol

If at any time during the Annual Convention (Big Camp) you or a member of your group develop COVID-19 like symptoms, we ask that you immediately ensure that a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is undertaken (available from the main camp office).  Should that test or any other subsequent tests return a positive result, please immediately NOTIFY the Camp Office/Camp Superintendent and LEAVE the Watson Park Convention Centre.

Demographics for the various Divisions

Please note that due circumstances beyond our control, the demographics and names for the various Divisions shown on the camp application form and the acknowledgement letter are not correct.

The breakup of Divisions is as follows:

Tots’n’Toddlers          Age 0-3 years

Kindy                            Age 4-6 years

Primary                        Age 7-9 years

Juniors                         Age 10-12 years

Teens                            Age 13-15 years

Youth                            Age 16-25 years

25+                                Age 25+ years

Big Tent                        Adult

Refund Policy

Should you need to cancel an accommodation booking, such will only be accepted and fully refunded up to and including Wednesday, 30th August 2023.

Security Policy

When completing the on-line application process through the Seventh-day Adventist Church (South Queensland Conference) Limited including payment via credit card or direct bank debit, your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. 128-bit SSL encryption is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break, and is the industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our enquiry line below.

Big Camp Emergency Evacuation


      Fire fighting


Personal injury

      Personal injury – minor, near miss

     Personal injury – major

  1. Care for injured person(s) – call for assistance.
  2. Send someone to phone the Camp Superintendent.

     Provide all information

  1. Notify the Camp Doctor if necessary.
  2. Ensure the area is clear for emergency personnel.
  3. Complete an Incident Report form, available from your camp safety package, Camp Office or Compliance Department.

Assault/ Sexual Assault/ Threat

Lost or Missing child/adult

Camp Setup Procedures


Watson Park provided electricity lights or battery operated lights and torches are to be used in tents, caravans and annexes.  Invest in a camping tent made of fireproof material for added safety.

* The use of candles and other naked flames for lighting is prohibited in tents and caravans.  If your lights fail, please ask the Camp Superintendent for assistance. 

Caravan setup procedure

Make sure that you consider trip hazards when setting up your annex and positioning your ropes and pegs. If you have your own cooking equipment (BBQ or camp stove), please make sure that your gas bottles are checked and within date of examination. Ensure that all gas lights and open flames remain outside and away from the annex or any enclosed areas.  Ensure that food preparation, shelter and sanitation areas are positioned to avoid potential physical and health hazards.

Dome tent setup procedure

Private tents located in areas of the private pool sites (PP) and private sites between beginners and teens (PKT) need to make sure that the tents, ropes and poles stay within the marked yellow lines. Bush sites have no markings, but please be considerate of others camping in this area. Make sure that you consider trip hazards when setting up your tent and positioning your ropes and pegs. If you have your own cooking equipment (BBQ or camp stove), please make sure that your gas bottles are checked and within date of examination. Ensure that all gas lights and open flames remain outside and away from tents.  Ensure that food preparation, shelter and sanitation areas are positioned to avoid potential physical

Generator use

Only low decibel (dB) generators, up to 2.0 Kva, with a maximum noise level output of up to 65 dB at 7 m are appropriate in our camp sites.

To reduce the risk of starting a wildfire from your generator, please:

Hazards, incidents & safety concerns

If you have any questions regarding your caravan or tent site set-up and require detailed set-up procedures, or procedures for using your tools and equipment, please see the Camp Superintendent on duty. To report hazards or safety concerns please see the Camp Superintendent on duty and complete a Hazard Report. You will also be able to get Incident Reports from the Camp Superintendent if you have been involved in or witnessed an incident.