Big Tent Keynote Presenter

Following more than 20 years of successful pastoral work, Joseph Kidder has been teaching at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological seminary at Andrews University for the last 22 years. He travels extensively, teaching people, pastors and churches how to have a vibrant and authentic walk with God.

Dr. Kidder has written nine bestselling books and hundreds of articles on Worship, Leadership, Church Growth and Spiritual Growth.

Dr. Kidder loves to spend time with his wife Denise, the love of his life and his two children Jason and Stephanie. One of the joys that thrills his heart is to mentor the new generation of pastors. To be close to His Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, Dr Kidder takes prayer walks daily and often with some of his students. The main thing about Dr. Kidder is that he loves Jesus and wants everyone to love Him.

2023 Big Tent Coordinator