Convention 2023 is almost at an end.  We would like to thank you for coming and sharing in our fellowship together. The ministers and teachers, and all the staff of the Conference, have been glad for the opportunity to make Convention 2022 a time of good fellowship and spiritual encouragement for us all.

 We would sincerely appreciate your assistance in the following ways.


  1. Stack all the white hired chairs and seating outside the pavilion or tent in lots of ten (10).



  1. Please unfasten the Velcro inside the tents and release and untie all knots in the corner ropes. Unroll the windows.  Also pull out all pegs you used to hold down the walls.
  1. Do not take any furniture to the             shed. 

Saturday 24th   – 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Sunday 25th – 5:30am – 11:00am

If you are not able to move furniture – then please have beds collapsed and stacked between the tents without blocking roadways.

All tents – unplug and pull plug into tent if possible.  Remove electrical fitting from centre of tent.  Leave bulbs in the socket and place everything at the base of the adjacent power outlet mushroom.

Please remove and return all the crosspieces to the rear of shed No .1

As soon as you have packed your car and/or trailer, please remove and park away from roadways to keep them free for access. 

Please ensure that all rubbish is deposited in the industrial bins provided when you vacate your tent.

Thank you again for all we have shared together this Convention. We pray the Lord’s protection as you travel home and may the year until our next Convention be a good year for us all.

May we indeed remain faithful until the longed- for return of our Lord.

Camp Superintendents