AI - Is it taking over?

We live in a fast changing world, with technology advancing all around us. How can we understand the current digital trends, including the uprising of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Is it FOE - is it FRIEND?

Are you able to be maintain your integrity as a christian and still use AI?

The workshop will discuss the potential for AI in ministry and in the how it can be harnessed responsibly in society today.
Dayne Habermann
Ministerial Intern
Ipswich SDA Church

Host - Dayne Habermann

Dayne Habermann - serving as a ministerial intern at Ipswich while finishing an M.Div but has over 10 years in civil engineering industry. He is married with two kids. He is interested chelsea football club, brisbane lions and getting caught in the rain.
Jesse Herford
Associate Editor | Signs of the Times

Panel - Pr Jesse Herford

Jesse Herford is a pastor and associate editor for Signs of the Times magazine. He, together with his friend Josh Stothers, hosts the Burn the Haystack podcast, as well as several other podcast projects on the side.

Jesse is passionate about engaging with the unchurched and skeptics on issues of culture and faith. In his spare time, he loves reading books, photography, cooking and board games. He lives in Sydney, Australia with his wife Carina and their miniature schnauzer, Banjo.
Pr Giovanni Esposito
Florida, USA

Panel - Pr Giovanni Esposito

He studied at Antillean University in Puerto Rico and graduated with a BA in Theology. He has served in Antillean University, as an Associate Pastor, then in the New York Conference as Chaplain and Senior Pastor of Union Springs Academy Church and now serves in West Palm Beach bilingual Church in Florida as Pastor for the English Church Ministries.

Pastor Giovanni “Gio” Esposito has a passion for young people, and education, He loves to teach, and preach Jesus. Pastor Gio is happily married to Giezy Isabel Esposito and they have two wonderful children, Nataly and Caleb.
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Workshop Location:
25+ Tent

Workshop Date and Time:
Tuesday 19th 
9:30 am - 10:45 am
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