Welcome to Big Camp

From my experience of Camp Meetings,
we come for one reason: to connect. We
connect in two ways – upward to God,
and outwards to each other. Both are
important for the Christian life,
At camp we connect with God through
our singing, our worship, our prayers,
listening to His word and reading His
word. As we do so we are encouraged to
reach out and connect to others. To show
Christ’s love to them, to forgive others in
harmony with His will, to serve others,
and to share the gospel. These principles
are at the heart of the discipleship
journey He calls us to. It’s a privilege to
connect in both of these ways. We pray
that Camp will help you do just that.
A huge thank you goes to the Watson
Park team who look after our facilities for
the entire year. The grounds and facilities
look great. Volunteers are the life-blood of
church life, and camp is no different. We
really value this voluntary contribution
so many people make to pull the camp
program together. I know you’ll show
your appreciation when you see them
around the grounds. The many staff from
our Head Office in Spring Hill relocate
and work from Watson Park for the week
of camp. They are instrumental in making
everything work smoothly and caring for
so much of the logistics required to make
camp successful. We thank everyone for
their contribution.
Thank you for coming to Big Camp
2023, and we pray that God’s Spirit will
be evident around the grounds as we
connect with God and with each other.
and we trust Camp will help facilitate both
Pr Brett Townend

Pr Brett Townend President
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