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Edition 03
Big Camp News
Sunday 17th  September

Only one way to find out

What happens when an Uber driver is late in LE territory? How does God prepare the minds of secular Australians to want a Bible? What is small, yellow, aggressive and also opens opportunities to share the Gospel? Come hear powerful stories about how God is moving hearts today! 1:15pm in the LE hall. 

Mud Men

If you didn’t get to see the mission pageant, you missed out of some amazing photos of Adventist Elders covered in mud. They look like fierce warriors from yesteryear. Yet they use this demonstration for tourists, but at the end speak about being created from the earth, by their God, and witness to the tourists this way. If you see our president around the grounds, ask him to show you a photo of him in the mask. (send it to the Editor, at [email protected] and we will publish it here for all to see and credit you with having it. Prize is a free ice cream from the ice cream shop to cool down.

Big Camp Radio is Broadcasting

But it’s also on this site, just look at the menu and click live video and radio. It broadcasts the Big Tent meetings, and has many interviews of presenters and campers. If you have been blessed by God this year, or have a missionary story, why not tell the whole camp about it, by seeing Percy, it’s in the demountable (Radio Shack) just between the pie shop and the big tent. (just check he’s not interviewing someone else before you knock on the door.

Prime Minister Praises Adventists

In a conversation with our president, the Samoan PM revealed “I got to know Adventists from your books, I hope you are still selling your books, because they made a big difference to our family.” She went on to explain that they have an issue with non-communicable diseases in Samoa and your message helps with these diseases. Praise God!

Doing the Live More Project can make you a better wife!

That’s what some Indian Samoan Husbands are saying about their wives. They are not Adventist and still practicing their native religions. However after their wives attended the Live More project from ELIA wellness, the change in their wives was remarkable. So much so they they told their wives that whatever you are doing, it making such a difference that we want you to keep going to that church. They arrived to greed Brett Townend to “our church” even though they are not yet Adventist. But they feel part of our movement. Their husbands have noticed that they are happier, have better attitudes, are making healthier meal choices, have more energy, (resulting in losing weight – added bonus) and this is making the husbands feel better to. Why not drop into the ELIA Wellness hall at the EXPO and start to feel the benefits for yourself too.

Adventist Pastors Cause Airline CHAOS

Adventists are making headlines again, but this time by bringing airports to a standstill. In PNG we had a convention with 3,000 pastors and over 150 cooks, all descending on one convention. It took 3 whole days of flying into the airport to bring them all in. Even the local news stations were running stories about us. It was however for an amazing cause as these pastors are getting ready to run over 2,000 month long simultaneous evangelistic campaigns next year. They will be fine doing that themselves. But if you wanted to be part of the action, email the editor ([email protected]) and he will send you information on how you can be part of something REALLY BIG.

Do you drive over an hour to your church?

When you are making that trip, spare a thought for this pastor in PNG. He has multiple churches, and his pastoral routes stretch for 50 hours walking in one direction, and 90 hours walking in the other. But this is walking through jungle, and crocodile infested rivers that he has to cross by floating on inner tire tubes. His incredible sacrifice even takes him across the boarder of PNG into Indonesia where he has planted two more Adventist Churches.

PNG bustling with women

There are over 120 active female pastors in PNG right now. They are very active in spreading the Gospel over there.

PNG Prime Minister Uncontactable

The Prime Minister of PNG practices a Digital Sabbath from his mobile phone from Sunset Friday to Sunset Saturday. Every week, he turns it back on after these hours. (He does have a number for church purposes) But his work number will be disconnected during those hours. This made your Editor think that was an amazing idea. However all the people contacting Pr Ben on a Sabbath will be church people. What do you think, how do you practice a Sabbath and balance technology?

1000 Heroic Adventists March into hail of Bullets

Machetes are no longer the weapon of choice in Tribal Warfare in PNG. They much prefer the modern AK47. During a recent flare up resulting in massive fighting between large tribes the bullets were flying everywhere. During the massive battle that was actively in progress, 1000 Adventists looking at the situation were wondering what they could do about it. 1000 lay Adventists decided to risk life and limb and donned their Adventist uniforms and marched right into battle. But not to fight with AK47’s, they marked into the battle, to tell the warring tribes they should not be behaving in that way, and to stop fighting. Practically risking their lives to save the lives of others.

AI Bible Studies

Our church has an active AI assistant, that gives Bible Studies! It’s on Whatsapp. It is called “Hope VA” (Hope Virtual Assistant.) If you want to check out the latest technology in reaching the people, try it by sending a Whatsapp message “I’d like to study the Bible.” to Hope VA on +67570001190. You can tap here to try it out.  

Bibles Grow Churches

When a PNG man told a Park Ridge missions team that he wanted to become a minister, they gave him a bunch of World Changers Bibles. From that beginning in 2019 he faithfully used the Bible to study with people. Fast-forward to today there are not ONE but TWO separate churches with 30-50 people meeting in them every sabbath.

Bible Studies Drop Crime

Over a few years a group of Adventists were witnessing to people in a Highrise. The years of Bible Studies have made not only an impact on the Spiritual lives of those attending. But even the Local police commented that crime in that area is SIGNIFICANTLY lower due to their presence. The BIBLE changes peoples lives!

Sunday Workshops that Can’t Be Missed

These Sunday workshops leave one really strong question, which one do I have to miss out on. It’s a very hard decision.

Good marriages are not about good luck!Paul Bogacs25+ Tent9:30 am – 10:35 am
Follow Me – Gilbert CangyGilbert CangyYouth Tent11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Getting off the Emotional RollercoasterJenifer SkuesLE Hall11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Dr Paul Bogacs is a lecturer who leads the counselling courses at Avondale. He says that in the past we had to guess what made marriages work, but now we scientifically KNOW. Come and see the “EASY SIMPLY WAYS” to make your marriage become amazing. 9:30 AM 25+ Tent. Check out the Details by Tapping here.

The decision between the previous General Conference Youth Director, Gilbert Cangy, in the Youth Tent, and the Assn of Adventist Counsellors presenting about taking full control of your emotions in the LE tent, is a decision that is very difficult to make and they will both be incredible.

Jenifer Skues will share some life changing counselling resources to empower and enable you to be the best you. Tap Here for more information.

Sidewalk Secondhand Book Sale TODAY

Starting at 9.00 am to 11:00 am. Many quality pre-loved books will be on sale. Some rare classics, some Bibles, but all of them will be worth the read. Its’ the cheapest way to enlarge your bookshelf, and it only happens ONCE A YEAR!

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