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Edition 09
Big Camp News
Saturday 23rd  September

If we could save you $108 would you put it in the offering?

Saving that is pretty easy, just don’t park on the road tonight or tomorrow. All these cars from last sabbath would total thousands of dollars in fines.

Don’t park there tonight or tomorrow, come in the gate and give a crips $100 note to the offering plate 🙂 you save $8 and we all win 🙂

The council has informed us they will have parking inspectors out in force for tonight and tomorrow.

4 Baptisms Today

Heaven is rejoicing today, come and be part of the celebration. From 2pm today these four people from around our conference will publicly declare their love for Jesus as they are baptised. So meet with us and the angels at 2pm in the youth tent.

Prime Minister Praises Adventists

In a conversation with our president, the Samoan PM revealed “I got to know Adventists from your books, I hope you are still selling your books, because they made a big difference to our family.” She went on to explain that they have an issue with non-communicable diseases in Samoa and your message helps with these diseases. Praise God!

Doing the Live More Project can make you a better wife!

That’s what some Indian Samoan Husbands are saying about their wives. They are not Adventist and still practicing their native religions. However after their wives attended the Live More project from ELIA wellness, the change in their wives was remarkable. So much so they they told their wives that whatever you are doing, it making such a difference that we want you to keep going to that church. They arrived to greed Brett Townend to “our church” even though they are not yet Adventist. But they feel part of our movement. Their husbands have noticed that they are happier, have better attitudes, are making healthier meal choices, have more energy, (resulting in losing weight – added bonus) and this is making the husbands feel better to. Why not drop into the ELIA Wellness hall at the EXPO and start to feel the benefits for yourself too.

Do you drive over an hour to your church?

When you are making that trip, spare a thought for this pastor in PNG. He has multiple churches, and his pastoral routes stretch for 50 hours walking in one direction, and 90 hours walking in the other. But this is walking through jungle, and crocodile infested rivers that he has to cross by floating on inner tire tubes. His incredible sacrifice even takes him across the boarder of PNG into Indonesia where he has planted two more Adventist Churches.

Greco/Roman idea of Love is Bad

This Greco/Roman idea of Love is based on this little baby with wings, and has darts, and shoots them at people, and they get all these feelings, and fall in love. But the Youth Tent were challenged that this form of Love is not reliable and is not a true form of Love. This over emphasis on feelings is hurting our relationships, and preventing us from experiencing love itself.

You Can Control your Heart Rate

One of the main ways of controlling the emotional roller coaster is the brain / heart connection. If you can bring you heart rate back down, your body will react to the situation of stress differently, allowing you to think about the best decision instead of just reacting. This is achieved primarily by the two things closest to your heart.

  1. Placing a hand over your heart, comforts it and calms it down.
  2. Slowing your breathing

These two simple things will allow you to calm right down and become centred, allowing time to think of Jesus and his power in the situation. Participants in the Emotional Rollercoaster workshop were instructed to practice this in times of calm, so they will be ready at a moment of stress to use it.

A Marriage the Lasts a lifetime

It is more about behaviours and choices than compatibility,

You don’t have to do this perfectly, anything small can make a long term difference.

If you missed this workshop, watching it during your afternoon siesta in the tend is highly recommended.

What’s with the Big Tent Set Design?

When asked to design and create a Jesus-centred stage for the Big Tent this year on the theme CONNECT, Pastor Annalise Cherry was inspired by the stunning historical stained-glass designs found in places of worship all over the world, each displaying a powerful visual message.

At the centre of the Big Tent stage design, you’ll notice subtle arrows on the back-lit Cross, suggesting 2 endless vertical and horizontal lines, respectively. These represent the vertical and horizontal relationships, or CONNECTion points, established in the Garden of Eden: the vertical when God created Adam (humanity and God), and the horizontal relationship between humans when God created Eve. These relationships were both fractured when sin entered the picture, revealed in the broken shards of glass you see hanging on the right and left of the stage, and indeed within the Cross’s stained-glass mosaic itself. We may be broken as individuals (and as local churches) however through Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice on the Cross we see unity and CONNECTion with God and each other once again — “But now in Jesus Christ you who once were afar off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.” (Eph 2:13) This sacrifice is highlighted in the colour red within the Cross, beside the blue (God’s character revealed in His law), purple (Jesus’ Kingship), pink (God’s unconditional love), and green (our growth as His disciples). The seven strands of lights above draw the eye to the Cross where we find our hope and salvation.

Pastor Cherry prays that this visual reminder will inspire deeper faith within all who come to worship.

There is a difference between an Easy Life and a Convenient Life

We were shown in the 25+ Tent that although kids have far more conveniences (Like the latest iPhone) that doesn’t make their life easier than those who lived in years gone by. An example is how anorexia is a modern disease. The billboards and media bombardment make it harder for young people to find emotional health these days. They are missing out on

*healthy view of who they are
*being in touch with their emotions
*being able to control their emotions when necessary
*being in touch with the emotions of others

An old Yarn – but we fact checked it and it’s true.

Back in the day, Pastor Kevin Geelan was working as a Literature Evangelist in Wollongong. As he was doing this he was taking his daughter to Violin Lessons. One day her teacher asked his wife what her husband did. She said “He works on projects for the community”, it’s hard to describe, it would be better to just make an appointment and let him show you. This lady agreed but forgot to tell her husband. When Kevin arrived at their address to give his presentation, he found they lived in a beautiful house right on the mountainside overlooking the harbour. It turns out her husband is a world class viola teacher, and had international students that would stay at his house while he taught them. So undaunted Kevin begins his presentation of books.

There are three children in the house, a 15 year old girl, a 10 year old boy, and 8 year old girl. After the presentation the mother says she wants the books on home medicine, the daughter wants the book on everything a teenage girl should know her bother wants the handbook for boys, but the little sister wants the entire Bible Story Set! The father is taking all this in and starts asking questions. Kevin says I’ve got just the thing for you in the car, I’ll be right back.

Kevin returns with the entire conflict of the ages series, and the father says, you know, if you came two weeks ago I would have said no to all of this. But for the last 2 weeks, I have had a Mormon student from UTAH in the USA and he’s been keeping me up every night till 2:00 am talking about God.

So at the perfect time God filled their house up with 2 health books, 2 teenage guide books, the 8 volume bible story set with stand, and the 5 conflict of the ages books. Actually a decent commission for an LE on all those books!

If you ask Kevin, did they become Adventist? His wise LE answer is “that’s not my business” then Kevin quotes a Bible Verse. “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God gives the increase” 1 Corinthians 3:6

Quotes from the Youth Tent

“I have known people who are more free in Jesus locked up in Jail for 15 years than we have when we are free.”

God is in the business of restoring people who are beyond self repair.

‘”We don’t need coping mechanisms, we need a cure. The cure is wholistic, so your being would respond with gladness, to what it would look like to walk in the light.”

“you know how I know Jesus changed me? A year into my ministry, I remember going to the petrol station to get some gass, I’m in my suit, I’m pulling up to this gas station, I’m putting in my petrol.  Mustang pulls up like there was a fire. I just glance over to see who it is, this gentleman jumps out and he look at me and says “What you looking at” and my heart stopped.  Because Before Christ me would have handled this a whole nother way.” His wife can’t believe her large 6.4 Samoan man did nothing, as that is not how he would have handled it before… instead he got in the car and as a family they prayed for this obnoxious man. As that man was behaving exactly how Pr Meshach would have been a few short years ago.


If you over speak in anger and threaten something you can’t follow through on, then you are violating your own boundaries. Dr Paul Bogacs shared how to handle your anger earlier this week:

What to do when you feel angry

  • Don’t label or blame
  • Don’t put down
  • Don’t say anything you can’t or won’t follow through
  • Be assertive
  • USE I statements to talk about your anger (don’t say other people make you angry)

That causes your boundaries to be VIOLATED and you won’t have boundaries for over speaking.

Your children will learn fast, well he/she didn’t kill me last time, so he/she probably won’t follow through on this either.

IF you go to my church leader, and he says ok, I’ll buy the book.

John burton, a literature evangelist, trained by Kevin Geelan, was an LE in Tamworth. During his training he understood Kevin’s passion for Desire of Ages, and it became John’s passion too.  During one of these training sessions, they came to this home and presented the Desire of Ages to this lady, and she said, I would like that book, but I want you to go down the road, to a man who is a leader in my catholic church, and if he says it’s good, I’ll buy it.

So they go to this mans home, and find he’s not a priest but he is a leader.

He picked up the book in his hand, carried the Desire of Ages, and he said come with me. As they approached his study, he showed him the entire conflict of the ages series, minus one book, the acts of the apostles, he said he had lent it to somebody they hadn’t returned it but he wanted to complete the set again, so Kevin and John sold him an Acts of the Apostles.

So we went back to the ladies house, with the news that her church leader approved of the book, and she purchased the desire of ages. This however is not the end of the story, as later on we found out that she drove a taxi, and as she read the Desire of Ages, she became so excited that she told everyone in the taxi about the book, and then she would even give everyone john’s LE contact details. As a result of that lady sharing about the Desire of Ages, she was instrumental in selling 25 Desire of Ages books in that town.

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