Canvas Chronicles

Edition 07
Big Camp News
Thursday 21st  September

The Power Of Enthusiasm

It’s not every-day you have something important enough that you need to chase riding a bike down the street on foot. But that’s exactly what happened to John Burton as a young man. He was training to be a literature evangelist in 1980. But training LE’s don’t usually make enough to earn a living full time. So he started going to work at a church member owned joinery factory. White he was going about his regular business of making stuff for houses, he noticed that to postie would deliver the mail, but he would do it in such a rush that he would ride into the door, throw the packages down on the floor and tare off as fast as he could on a postie bike..

As a young enthusiastic Literature Evangelist, John always had a signs of the times in his back pocket. He wanted to share the gospel with the whole world, and he determined that tomorrow, he was going to get a Signs of the Times into this postie’s bag. John planned to slip it in when the postie dropped his lot of mail on the floor and roared off. But he missed it, the postie was too fast and took off up the street. So John did the only thing any self respecting LE could do in that situation, he took off up the street, RUNNING. Chasing the post man on his bike for all he was worth. Eventually the postie saw John running after him and mercifully stopped, and asked what he was doing? John told him that he wanted to put this book in his satchel. And so John did that, and went back to the factory. 

The very next day was different. The postie came to the factory, but instead of just dumping his packages and leaving, he got off his bike, and said, “Where is the man who put the magazine into my bag?” He continues “because I read it last night, cover to cover, I’ve got questions, and I need answers”.

John introduced him to Pr Austin Cook.  And as a result four people, The Mail Man, His Wife, Her Sister and Her Sisters Husband were all baptised into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Check out the Signs of the Times booth in the Expo Hall, and sponsor some signs subscriptions to continue the story!

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can book an appointment with Pr Rodney Woods Trust Services Director for the South Queensland Conference by contacting the Camp Office. However, there are only a few bookings left so BOOK NOW!


The Education hall won’t be giving away free food tomorrow, as they will be preparing for the Education Show Case on Friday. So plan to be there!

Tot’s n Toddlers Schedule Change

The Tots n Toddlers and we have decided that we are going to change the time of our programs for FRIDAY AND SABBATH.  The program time for Tots n Toddlers for FRIDAY and SABBATH will be 9:30am-10:30am


Camp Store Closing Down Sale Friday at 1.00pm.
Products heavily discounted including
Patritti and Sanitarium Canned Products.
Come and get your bargains before they run out!

Todays Weather

This one’s going to be HOT

Clear Skies

High 32°
Low 15°

Winds mostly low 6km/h to 18km/h

It’s unofficial… but so many have uniforms

Early each morning while many are still asleep (though a few early risers are out walking and jogging) – a group of Big Campers unofficially meet at the front gate with their road bikes to enjoy a Redcliffe loop – including parts right along the waterfront! Pictured is the group on Sunday morning, with half riding to Redcliffe and back (about 45km) and the other half enjoying a longer Sunday spin of 90-100km. It’s fantastic to see a number of church pastors, administrators and members keeping fit and living out the health message that we are so blessed to have!

Quotes from the Youth Tent

“I have known people who are more free in Jesus locked up in Jail for 15 years than we have when we are free.”

God is in the business of restoring people who are beyond self repair.

‘”We don’t need coping mechanisms, we need a cure. The cure is wholistic, so your being would respond with gladness, to what it would look like to walk in the light.”

“you know how I know Jesus changed me? A year into my ministry, I remember going to the petrol station to get some gass, I’m in my suit, I’m pulling up to this gas station, I’m putting in my petrol.  Mustang pulls up like there was a fire. I just glance over to see who it is, this gentleman jumps out and he look at me and says “What you looking at” and my heart stopped.  Because Before Christ me would have handled this a whole nother way.” His wife can’t believe her large 6.4 Samoan man did nothing, as that is not how he would have handled it before… instead he got in the car and as a family they prayed for this obnoxious man. As that man was behaving exactly how Pr Meshach would have been a few short years ago.


If you over speak in anger and threaten something you can’t follow through on, then you are violating your own boundaries. Dr Paul Bogacs shared how to handle your anger earlier this week:

What to do when you feel angry

  • Don’t label or blame
  • Don’t put down
  • Don’t say anything you can’t or won’t follow through
  • Be assertive
  • USE I statements to talk about your anger (don’t say other people make you angry)

That causes your boundaries to be VIOLATED and you won’t have boundaries for over speaking.

Your children will learn fast, well he/she didn’t kill me last time, so he/she probably won’t follow through on this either.

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