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Edition 08
Big Camp News
Friday 22nd  September

If we could save you $108 would you put it in the offering?

Saving that is pretty easy, just don’t park on the road tonight or tomorrow. All these cars from last sabbath would total thousands of dollars in fines.

Don’t park there tonight or tomorrow, come in the gate and give a crips $100 note to the offering plate 🙂 you save $8 and we all win 🙂

The council has informed us they will have parking inspectors out in force for tonight and tomorrow.


Camp Store Closing Down Sale Friday at 1.00pm.
Products heavily discounted including
Patritti and Sanitarium Canned Products.
Come and get your bargains before they run out!

IF you go to my church leader, and he says ok, I’ll buy the book.

John burton, a literature evangelist, trained by Kevin Geelan, was an LE in Tamworth. During his training he understood Kevin’s passion for Desire of Ages, and it became John’s passion too.  During one of these training sessions, they came to this home and presented the Desire of Ages to this lady, and she said, I would like that book, but I want you to go down the road, to a man who is a leader in my catholic church, and if he says it’s good, I’ll buy it.

So they go to this mans home, and find he’s not a priest but he is a leader.

He picked up the book in his hand, carried the Desire of Ages, and he said come with me. As they approached his study, he showed him the entire conflict of the ages series, minus one book, the acts of the apostles, he said he had lent it to somebody they hadn’t returned it but he wanted to complete the set again, so Kevin and John sold him an Acts of the Apostles.

So we went back to the ladies house, with the news that her church leader approved of the book, and she purchased the desire of ages. This however is not the end of the story, as later on we found out that she drove a taxi, and as she read the Desire of Ages, she became so excited that she told everyone in the taxi about the book, and then she would even give everyone john’s LE contact details. As a result of that lady sharing about the Desire of Ages, she was instrumental in selling 25 Desire of Ages books in that town.

Giving up something – For Jesus

One of Naomi’s little joys in life is the 10c container reward for recycling them. She loves to collect the bottles over a few months, and then enjoy the serotonin rush of scanning each bottle, and watching that total increase. This gives her guilt free money to spend on bibles, gospel tracts or anything that takes her eye in the second hand shops. It means much more to her than it probably does to most people. So when she decided this year, to donate the bottles she had been collecting for a year to ADRA Logan and bring them to camp, this was no easy decision. She loves every part of recycling these bottles. But she also really cares about what ADRA does and that’s close to her heart too. So after researching what they do with the money their raise from this containers for change program here at Big Camp, she arranged for all these bottles to be brought from her house and donated to mission of ADRA logan. An amazing example of selflessness. And Giving what you really love to God. Way to go Naomi.

Sabbath School Singer comes all the way from the Solomon Islands

Reenay Sese – singing with Sapphire Singers will be singing in the Big Tent for Sabbath School. She has come all the way from the Solomon  Islands to bless us with her songs. She also sung in the Big Tent on Tuesday evening and was featured on Camp Radio earlier this week with Dr Percy Harrold. To see Reenay’s songs go to Sapphire Singers on YouTube or go to the website – or Sapphire Singers on Facebook. 

Reports of depression

Around camp there have been whispers of people feeling sad that camp is almost over. We have had an amazing time, with really good speakers and tent meetings, activities for the kids. But it’s fast approaching the second last day. We hope you find comfort that heaven will be like all the best parts of camp! (maybe without the strong winds shaking your tent at night)

Todays Weather

This one’s going to be Cloudy, so it won’t be as hot as yesterday

High 24°
Low 13°

Winds mostly low 13km/h to 30km/h

People stuck for hours with no internet

When people travel on the Spirit if Tasmania, WIFI doesn’t work in their rooms. And the WIFI that is available is expensive. So it’s a really good time to read. The Spirit of Tasmania has requested that we supply Signs of the Times subscriptions to the boat, so people can read in the rooms when there isn’t much else to do. We have seen the power of this mag over the last few editions of the Canvas Chronicle, why not drop into the signs booth at the expo hall and sponsor these editions of the Signs of the Times magazine, if we pay for it, they will read it. They have requested it! (along with many other locations, go see them all)


Last chance – FREE ELIA health pack! 

Don’t forget to redeem your FREE ELIA Health Pack at the ELIA booth at the Expo Hall today from 2.30 to 4.30pm. It’s your last chance to register for your choice of:

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